At 23 years old, Micah Young has demonstrated that she’s a hard worker. She’s had retail jobs at Ingles and Walmart, and obtained warehouse experience working at Chico’s. She was working as a label creator at Staff Right in May 2020, when she decided to stop by Goodwill’s East Athens Career Center for help with completing her resume. 

When Micah arrived at Goodwill, she met with Greg Bradley, who discussed her long-term goals. While she wasn’t completely certain of her ultimate career path, she was interested in obtaining a logistics certification. One thing Micah knew she wanted was financial stability, which would allow her to fulfill her desire to return to school. Greg told her about the many programs available at Goodwill, noting that Micah would be able to pursue the logistics program from home, as the program is taught virtually. 

Micah enrolled in the Logistics program on June 1st and quickly proved herself to be an excellent student. She appreciated the support of many members of the Goodwill team, including C3 Navigator Kate Davis. The thorough explanations she received at every step of the process were helpful and she felt very comfortable entrusting Goodwill with her goals. She was grateful for the opportunity to earn three valuable logistics credentials. 

After completing the program, Micah began to look for employment and was assigned to partner with Employment Specialist Sylvica Lewis. Micah lives in Washington, GA and was hoping to find a job reasonably close to her home so that she could avoid the expense of a long commute. 

She was delighted to be offered a position in the logistics department at Mollertech, located in Elberton, which is 30 minutes away from her home. Micah is enjoying more financial stability and feels confident that she’s on the path to a rewarding career.