Radhika spent many years working in the marketing department of a small, local travel firm. During the pandemic, travel traffic demand drastically declined. Like many others, this resulted in Radhika being laid off. Determined to never be in a position where she could be laid off again, Radhika decided to pivot into a new career in technology. 

Radhika learned about Goodwill’s Technology Careers Program from a friend who had gone through the program, and she decided that this could be  a pathway for a career shift. Having an early introduction into technology as a Computer Science major meant Radhika was no stranger to technology; however, she had not utilized those skills in quite some time. 

During training Radhika was a top student, showing great determination and attention to detail and she received certifications in Azure 900 and Comp TIA. Upon completion, she received a one-year contract as a Microsoft Azure specialist with Techbridge and she was thrilled for the opportunity. Radhika is enthusiastic to embark on this new career journey and has stated how grateful she is for Goodwill.