Tityana Hayward

At 21-years-old, Tityanna Hayward was looking for her first job so that she could earn money for college. In December 2021, she was referred to Goodwill’s Decatur Career Center by her Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA) counselor for work evaluation. 

Upon her arrival at Goodwill, Tityanna was assigned to Job Coach Derrick Crumpley, who immediately worked to determine the young woman’s goals. Tityanna shared that she was interested in becoming an administrative assistant or teacher’s aide. She also wanted to learn to type, which had proved challenging due to her visual impairment. 

After Tityanna completed job readiness training, she was teamed up with Employment Job Coach Debra Young. In discussing next steps, the two thought environmental services work might be a good option. Debra created some “Real Time Experiences,” where for two weeks, Tityanna cleaned several Goodwill stores. Ultimately, this role wasn’t a good fit, so in late May Debra shifted the focus to retail opportunities. 

Since starting at the Decatur store, Tityanna has become increasingly productive, learning many different roles and growing in professionalism. Even with the transportation issues that have arisen because she relies on family to get her to work, she has remained determined to succeed. She’s also been working with Debra to take the next step toward independence – getting her first apartment with the help of Threshold Community Program.