Gainesville resident Alexa Resendiz came to Goodwill’s Oakwood Career Center in August 2021, just a few months before her 19th birthday. She had completed high school in July and was ready to enter the workforce to earn money to help her family. 

Alexa shared with Case Manager Alex Balla that she wanted to overcome her shyness and build self-esteem. She also needed to find a job that would allow her to be home in the mid-afternoon so that she could watch her younger siblings while her parents were still at work. 

Alex determined that the internship program made possible by Bank of America would be a good way for Alexa to get started. She began working in the Oakwood store, performing a variety of tasks from the donor door to the sales floor. She was also assigned to assist with clerical duties in the career center and found those particularly enjoyable. 

Throughout the internship, Alexa followed directions and completed assignments in a timely manner. Although there were instances where she was not able to attend due to transportation challenges, family responsibilities, and illness, Alexa persevered and used the skills she developed to obtain a full-time job at Cottrell. She began her job on the assembly line in early January 2022 at a rate of $16 per hour. Alexa is excited about her future and grateful that her transportation issues have been resolved, as her mother has also joined the Cottrell team, so the two are carpooling to work.  

The Oakwood Career Center team is glad to have played a part in Alexa’s transition to full-time employment and wishes her all the best on her career journey.