To our donors, 

Due to your overwhelming generosity during our temporary store closures, we have more treasures than we can handle right now. Saturday, April 18 will be the last day we will be able to accept donations at our stores. We are looking forward to the day when we can safely reopen and make all these newly donated items available for purchase in our stores. Until then, please help us keep our community clean by holding on to your donations until we reopen. We want to make sure that the gently used items you give are best used to support our mission. We’ve put together a few tips to help make storing your donations a little easier.

Your donations help to fuel our mission to put North Georgian’s to work. Since the coronavirus crisis began, we’ve been doing just that and working with various employers including Amazon, Kroger and Publix to help those in need find employment during this challenging time. Although our stores, career and donation centers are temporarily closed, jobseekers looking for opportunities can log on to our virtual career center at or call 1-844-344-WORK to connect with a job coach and explore current opportunities. Until we can reopen, if you’d like to support our mission, please consider making a financial contribution as we help the thousands of North Georgians who have recently found themselves out of work. You can also make your treasure hunt virtual and shop online with us. 

We will continue to reach out with updates as the situation evolves. For the latest information on our coronavirus response and reopening dates, please visit or follow us on social media.

Keith T. Parker 
President & CEO