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About Us: Our Mission

At Goodwill, our mission is a simple one: we put people to work.  

Every day, thousands of men and women face barriers that make it difficult for them to find work and earn a paycheck to support their families. Sometimes it’s lack of training or education, limited job skills, or a disability. But with the support of donors and shoppers like you, we overcome those barriers. Goodwill gives people the tools they need to find a job which allows them to support themselves and their families.

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At career centers throughout North Georgia, Goodwill offers job-search resources, helps with writing a professional résumé and cover letter, provides access to employment opportunities, delivers hands-on skill training, and so much more. 

At our Goodwill Career Centers, we provide access to important job search resources like computers, résumé writing tools, local job listings, telephones, and photocopiers. We also host regular recruiting events, employment seminars, and even offer software training. As an extension of our career center services we launched Career Connector powered by Goodwill, a site that allows you to register online and access job search resources from anywhere. 

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Our training programs prepare people for careers in a wide array of fields such as retail, financial services, floor technology, healthcare, traditional and green construction, forklift operations, and more.

If you’re facing challenges finding employment, we're here to help.

Think about Goodwill and the good we do the next time you’re deciding what to do with your gently-used goods, or even when you’re about to go treasure hunting for a bargain. If you’d like to help us improve our communities, strengthen families, and energize the economy, we welcome your donations and invite you to visit our stores.

Together, we’ll help put people to work.